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"Like a wave, my body comes and goes.

Look closely: a million waves, one sea." Rumi

Uuuh, life is going energetically fast at the moment... I hope you're doing wonderfully and you can always align yourself well, bundle your energies and perceive yourself in such a way that your body can keep up with the energy of the outside. I was scuba diving on spring break... and on one of my very last dives, there was quite a strong current under water, or rather, a big intense rocking deep in the sea. Forward and backward, back and forth in a game of water. In the depth and in the movement of the water, it was above all for us humans to get into it, to flow with it and to feel exactly the right impulse when we could swim forward with a flip of our fins without unnecessarily losing strength and fighting against the current . As soon as you wanted to do something in the pull backwards, you only used up air and strength unnecessarily.

This picture is so symbolic and appropriate for me personally and in my perception at the moment for our world and the current energy. We are moved back and forth, forward and backward. And we lose power unnecessarily if we fight it or don't timing it properly to assist forward motion. So many people waste energy unnecessarily because they try too hard to fight against the Energetic Movement instead of using the synergy of forces.

At the moment I feel it is important to consciously perceive and reach the so-called "turning point" in our energy - that is when the wave turns from backwards to forwards. Exactly at that moment we can use our strength to get a little further forward, so to speak, with a tailwind or current. Forward, with the support of the wave, the energetic movement and a wonderful interplay of the energetic nature and our personal power and strength. An interplay between rest and supportive activity.

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