heart space - the love in you

  • 1 Stunde 30 Minuten
  • online via Zoom


Pause, be mindful, calm down - this is always a challenge in everyday life. In the heart space we enter the stillness, meet our self in mindfulness and in the peace that we carry in our hearts. Through guided visualization and activation of individual acupuncture points (soul points) in self-application, we change our energy and thus strengthen our basis and the connection to our innermost core. We get into the depth of our being and transform our energy with the calm of the subsequent meditation - change becomes possible in and around us and we can face each other in everyday life with serenity and mindfulness. This offer is also available as a group offer - on site in the practice. The individual session is ONLY ABOUT YOU, your heart and your heart energy. The duration of the session is between 60 and 90 minutes - it depends on the topic and is individual. Please allow yourself enough time.


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