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In between...

Always dare to take a leap into the unknown. Only then will you experience that there is something special behind the fear. Frank Rebmann

It's time for a change.

We all perceive this - the changes in us, in our lives, in our society, in our world. We can fight back, resist, and want to hold on to the old ways, but fighting it like this doesn't get us any further and only leads to frustration and fatigue.

But instead of going with the flow, simply curious to face changes, we all cling to the old due to a lack of trust and a lack of inner security.

We are in an interim period. The old is actually gone, would be let go, released and is only stuck in our energy fields, in our thoughts and in our patterns. And the new thing isn't here yet... we're still a long way off! The new and our future, in which we have no idea what is in store for us and which contains all the potential of all possibilities in life.

At the turn of the year, the energy of change is there with an incomparable lightness. We let go of the old year so easily, we usually welcome the new year with anticipation, combined with many hopes, expectations, ideas and visions. Even if this actually only depends on a date and a number, it is so easy for us to immerse ourselves in this energy of change at this moment.

But what does this actually look like in our lives? Do we shape the new that wants to come so joyfully and full of expectation and hope?

How about if we managed to make this change as easily as greeting the New Year on New Year's Eve? With joy and lightness, celebrating and curious, full of hope and confidence?

I experience the current time so much as an in-between time - and by that I don't mean the turn of the year but a longer phase in which we as a world remain energetically seen.

As a society, as human beings and each and every one of us personally, we are truly in between. It's over the way it was and we can't do it anymore, and we don't yet know what's to come.

We can pose visions and wishes for the future, think about how we enter our world, what our world and our lives could look like, with whom we would like to share our everyday life and truly say goodbye to the old and being grateful for this as a former breeding ground for us and release our development.

Be present and aware, patiently create something new out of the calm and the conscious stillness and let it unfold... so pure, simple, grateful and genuine.

Some people are currently confronted with fears and are caught up again and again by old patterns. And yet so many yearn for change. These old patterns provide security and nourish our protective mechanisms. But they bind us to what was, how we were as individuals and thus inhibit the energy to go into the new. These behaviors are so insidious and come unasked, testing us if we are really ready to change and move on.

We all know for sure that we can't go back - and yet it's easier for our system to fall into familiar patterns. It takes a lot of energy to endure this gap and to have the courage to face this in-between-time and not-knowing. In this gap we meet ourselves, with all emotions, with all fears and insecurities and doubts. The feeling of stagnation, of not having a clue, of being haphazard - not exactly a pleasant thing, but something really worth diving into.

Here, too, we are allowed to sort out and clean out internally, just as we clean out and dispose of in our homes. Which patterns still serve my protection? Where does my system react inappropriately and not appropriately to my living conditions? Where and when does fear prevent me from jumping into trust and thus encountering the unknown and new life?

So I wished for all of us the lightness of the turn of the year in this meantime - because with this light energy demanding moments can be overcome so much easier. Observing what is, through which backdoors these emotions prevent us again and again and being able to laugh about them when they appear, that is true lightness.

How about we all take this "New Year's Eve" feeling with us with great hope in the near future, reminding ourselves over and over again that change can also happen with a feeling of ease. Steady, dipping over and over again, staying tuned and moving forward. Just like when our insecurities or fears surface, a New Year's rocket flew into the sky and simply chased away the difficult feelings and old patterns in a colorful and colorful way - "deceived" as we would say and something beautiful, colorful and special can arise from it.

Let's try it - maybe it will be easier for us in this meantime to just be, to really release the old and to look forward to the new and unknown with patience and calm.

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