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Pearl diving

"The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths it also has its pearls." Vincent van Gogh

Whenever you dive, you come across the beautiful giant clam again and again. It shines in a strong color and draws our fascination quite simply through its beauty. However, as soon as you approach it, it begins to close and hide its treasures - to hide its color. You can find it in the midst of wonderful corals and in the most impossible places under water, it clings to the ground with golden threads and can form large pearls. A giant clam starts to grow very small and can become huge - hence its name.

Stories and myths wrap around the beauty and fascination of this shell. It belongs to the cockles and often has a purple, turquoise or greenish glow. It is said that, due to its size, it can hold and devour living beings or even divers in the depths. Of course this is not the truth, but it is always fascinating to see how it contracts and hides its insides.

During my diving vacation this autumn I met this giant clam very often - and I was looking for the challenge of getting closer to it in such a way that I could observe as much of it as possible. Very exciting that such a wonderful creature is hiding and contracting so much. And so it occurred to me that we unfortunately do that very often ourselves. We humans have this behavior with our hearts as often as this shell shows us, we hide - from ourselves and from others and so often we need so incredibly much until we first see our true luminosity of our colors and our pearls for ourselves and then also to show to the outside who we truely are.

Nature is always my best teacher and often shows us where we can dig deeper - why should we close ourselves off like this clam? Why do we not want to see our true luminosity and our pearls and above all not show them? Is it the fear of injury? Is it the fear of your own energy, strength, shine and size? Or does this happen to us like with this shell, which is said to be dangerous and we seem to be "dangerous"?

It is time for all of us to meet our true power of our heart, to live from it and not to close ourselves off anymore. Our super power house of the heart contains all of our pearls and our precious treasures. I am sure if we have the courage to face this and first of all to open all the doors of our hearts for ourselves personally, to look at our pearls with loving eyes, then our life will change wonderfully on the outside.

To become aware of when you no longer want to see your own pearls, when you cannot experience your own energy and magic and then with awareness of this fear, which is usually there, to embrace, to walk through it lovingly and to trust. In the knowledge that nothing can happen, to open up and to bring out everything that is time to be seen.

I love my job or my calling, to support people in the energetic sense precisely in these processes. Each individual session and each guided evening and event serves exactly the purpose of not having to close yourself off anymore, to encounter your own brilliant, wonderful pearls yourself and to feel the golden threads that connect us to the earth! To see and feel all of this and to bring your own light and color to the outside with confidence is a wonderful gift for all of us! Thanks for your trust!

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