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At a snail's pace - slowly but steady ...

Do you know these days ...?

Do you know these days? Those days when you feel like nothing is moving in your life? The world or simply your world stands still? And yet it is incredibly moved and restless inside? Do you know those days when you can hardly stand the standstill and stagnation? Which emotionally charged you can hardly bear the inner tension and the urge to move?

Those days when you want everything and actually nothing again? Do you know these days? Those of doubt, confrontation and being overwhelmed by emotions? The encounter with your old patterns in behavior? Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stuckness?

Do you know these days when you feel that your path of personal, spiritual and energetic development and change is not visible, not perceptible or not accessible to you? These days - hard to bear and yet so important in the personal processes of life. I know these days are often all too well known to all of us. Recently, with my personal goals and visions, I was once again right in the middle of a feeling of stagnation ... difficult to bear. Especially since I was also on vacation, had a lot of time and space to encounter this feeling and therefore the more questions, the more doubts and the more emotions emerged. And my whole being was deeply immersed in this feeling of stagnation. It felt like it was a cumulation of all the fundamental questions that concern me at the moment in various areas of my life. Every single question forced its way into consciousness and the satisfying feeling of movement was absent at that moment. It was a wave and concentration of emotions that wanted to be looked at and also took the necessary space.

Sometimes I have the feeling that these thoughts, emotions and whatever goes with them have to be very consciously condensed so that we can see movement again. This condensation increases the pressure to really and truly face one's deepest aspects. And sometimes it's just an old feeling of standstill, which actually has very little to do with the current state. So I walked in my beloved forest, open with all my senses and trying to see and perceive the inner movement more clearly again through external movement. In the forest I always pay special attention to which animals and which plants I encounter and in that sense "talk" to me. Nature is such a wonderful teacher, and even if I really don't know my way around biology, I always receive the message of the moment that is right for me. In these days of supposed standstill I met this snail. It crawled its way and crossed my path. In the rainy weather of the last few weeks it was not surprising that I met a snail - and yet this snail was really wonderful and steady on the way. The message was clear - slowly and leisurely forward ... even if it sometimes or again and again looks like a standstill and you have the feeling that you are getting nowhere. As banal as this sounds, I was reminded, there is movement! So simple and yet sometimes you can't see it!

In particular, due to the quality of time of the last year and a half, we all as a world and personally have encountered stagnation time and again, and the phases of perseverance, the compression and accumulation of emotions and thoughts were demanding. And yet, movement happens slowly but steady ...! Of course, I also noticed other things in the forest - for the moment and the quality of the intense days, however, the simplicity of the snail had exactly the right message! If you are touched by my words and you also know these feelings or are even in the middle of it at the moment, watch the video of the snail in peace - in the awareness, it is very simple: movement is there and the way lies ahead of you!

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