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When we are truely alive...

When we are truly alive, everything we touch or do is a miracle. To practice mindfulness is to return to life in the present moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

As a young girl I spent a year in Brazil. A new world opened up to me - everything was very exotic and so unbelievably different from everything I knew in little Switzerland. I found a lot of exciting things in this new South American world and that was the first time I met the wonderful little hummingbird.

Fascinated, I observed his ability to float in the air, to flap his wings so quickly that he could float in the same place in absolute silence and thus choose his flowers from this floating in order to get to his nectar and the sweetness .The ability of the hummingbird to stay in place in the air and to fly sideways and backwards still fascinates me today. For me, the shimmering blaze of colors of the plumage of the small bird fit perfectly into the very colorful and lively energy of my temporary home. I found the Portuguese name - beijaflor - to be particularly loving at the time. This word with the soft and warm sound means that the hummingbird kisses the flowers. And so the little "flower kisser" with his nature and his magical sounding name sneaked into my heart.

The variety of flowers available to the hummingbird in its habitat is a real blaze of color. So is our life when we look at it more closely. We have a full range of colors to choose from, the entire versatile and magnificent flower meadow - but sometimes we no longer see the flowers in their various shades of color. We don't know where to aim and where to "fly" first. Sometimes the variety is too great or more often our vision is blurred and in a sense we are color-blind to the vivid colors available to us. If we stop, breathe and stay in place, we can look closely and see the right nectar and the right sweetness for us in our lives. We are automatically and intuitively attracted by the right color and blossom and focus our energy on what is essential for us.

The hummingbird is a beautiful symbol of abundance, mindfulness, presence, calm and above all, pausing in the moment. It is also possible to fly backwards or to look at something from a different perspective and to look at situations or feelings in a new way. With the energy of the hummingbird we find the right perspective for the right nourishing nectar and see the whole variety of life that is there before our eyes. From a place of silence and presence, colors become visible and we manage to focus on the essentials and maybe even make decisions with ease.

In certain moments in my life when the hectic pace, major events or simply everyday life keeps me too busy, I try to conjure up my own inner hummingbird. There is not always enough time to move into mindfulness at precisely the moment that it is needed. That's how I sometimes imagine this little "flower kisser" lingering in place and pausing. And although it stays in place, it is still in motion thanks to its quick and easy flapping of its wings and the energy flows. In my mind’s eye I see the little bird as it lives in the centre of my heart and, breathing calmly and gently, I observe how my heart can open and return to calm. My gaze and my mind become wide and I am able to observe, perceive and feel much more precisely what is right now. The pure thought and the inner image in connection with the breath bring calm and centering. This short "hummingbird visualization" is a small thing and yet so great.

With the energy of the hummingbird in my heart, I can devote myself to the right color and the most beautiful and currently suitable flower and my energy begins to flow again. When my energy moves, I perceive the wonders around me and feel alive - I am ready for life.

My little hummingbird-flower-kisser-notebook - the pause and the silence in the heart inspire creativity.

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